Saturday, April 25, 2015

Still Struggling

It's been almost two years now since Integrity Toys (IT) announced that they would no longer produce dolls on the tall, handspeak, regular Fashion Royalty body.   In those two years, we have received 8 ITBE dolls using it.   These ITBE dolls have been a creative outlet for the IT team to try small production runs of dolls with different skin tones and bring back dolls whose molds have been retired.  The ITBE dolls have been incredibly successful and are a personal favorite of mine.

The dolls from the last two conventions, W Club exclusives, and last year's mainline release were all on the FR2 body.  I am trying to embrace this body and the dolls who use it, but I still find myself struggling with it. The new body design is a lovely concept, but IT has stubbornly refused to offer clothing separates to supplement the wardrobes which are sorely lacking in redress potential.  

Since 2010, 57 FR2 dolls have been released and three separate outfits.  Unfortunately almost half of these dolls, 26, were wearing evening dresses.   There is definitely a preference for black, white, and red as those are the primary colors used for 38 dolls.  Last year's mainline used muted "urban safari" colors.  Almost all of the dolls from the gloss convention were sporting 1970's ensembles.  The lack of quality redress clothing is very frustrating to me.

The FR2 body does not easily borrow pants, shorts, or a-line skirts from other IT doll lines.  As you can see in the photo, the hips and thighs on the FR2 are thicker than the regular FR body and some clothing cannot even be pulled up higher than this without splitting the seam.  Sometimes, with patience, you can get a few items over the hips, but the item will not close because the FR2 waist is bigger.  These pants belong to Follow the Line Kesenia.
In addition, the waist is much higher on the FR2 body.  That may be one of the reasons that you rarely see a FR2 doll wearing a skirt or pants without a peplum on the blouse, the blouse over the waist of the pants, a sweater, a vest,  or a jacket.   It tends to hide the fact the newly designed body is high-waisted which, in addition to the square knees and thighs, is a reason why I can't get 100% behind the FR2 body. This design issue is not apparent in dresses.

FR blouses and dresses, both evening and sheath, are too big in the bust for the FR2 girls.  Some collectors do not mind this, but I prefer the clothing to look tailored.

Don't get me wrong!   Some of the FR2 clothing is extraordinary.  Both Midnight Star Elise
and After Tonight Eugenia
are amazing dolls.  They are perfection and neither has been redressed in my collection.  I believe there are several FR2 that fit this category, including Intimate Reveal Agnes.  I don't mind displaying some of my dolls in their original ensembles.  Some dolls just need to be admired.

But some of my FR2 dolls require redressing.  And that is where my problems start.  I have really struggled with the possibility of changing some of my FR2 dolls onto FR bodies.  This is especially true of Sheer Sensuality Vanessa, one of my favorite dolls from the Gloss Convention.  This was the first time Vanessa mold 1.0 was released on the FR2 body, so I can rationalize that she belongs on the regular FR body.

Before I fired up the trusty heating pad, I went looking for a spring ensemble for her to wear.  It turns out that the FR2 body actually looks strikingly good in Monogram clothing.  Here is Sheer Sensuality Vanessa wearing Incandescent's dress.  
I think she looks better in it than the original doll!  After being very frustrated, it was quite satisfying to find her looking this good!   So spring has sprung and Sheer Sensuality Vanessa is here to announce it's arrival.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lots of Potential ...

For some reason, it seems Integrity Toys' body skin tones all over the place right now.  In my last blog, I posted photos of Red Strike Janay.  When I purchased her, I was hoping she may prove to be a body donor for one of my favorite purchases from the Gloss Convention.  It's the closest match I've found so far, but it still isn't perfect.  

The doll I've been trying to find a body donor for is Oomph Ayumi.  She uses the original 1.0 sculpt which was only used a handful of times but is a favorite of mine.  I purchased two of her following the convention, directly from IT.   Here she is full length in her box.
It's really difficult to get over that dowdy dress!
But, this doll truly has tremendous potential.  She apparently is on Poppy Parker body.  It is extremely loose in the limbs, so I guess I will have to contact Patient Care for replacement.

I thought I would try some different outfits on her.  As I was doing so, she quickly got a name.  Getting a name is a big deal around here.  It means you're staying.  Let's meet Brooke wearing a casual sports outfit (the shorts are Poppy's, but the top is a Misaki pak item).
This looks really cut on!
This made me curious.  Let's try swimwear.
Maybe more elegant - something for "The Real Housewives of Integrity Toys".
How formal can we go?  How about the ensemble from "Take the Picture" Funny Face.
How about just knocking around the house, drawing the unwelcome attention of a creepy neighbor …
I am very impressed by the versatility of Oomph Ayumi.  She is a gorgeous doll who can carry off many looks.  Collectors just need to get past that ugly dress she is packaged wearing.